What is popularity?

I suppose you’re wondering what I’m talking about, or perhaps you’re wondering the reason behind this entire blog. I can only tell you I have recently been induced in a world of popularity, and It’s not really that bad, but then again, it is peculiar in nature, and really frustrating at some times.

It is a complex system and all of us wonder how it works regardless of your social status, and it is viewed to be a very good thing.  Yet, one very sad thing I found out about popularity, is that popular people don’t necessarily focus on popularity. It is generally the unpopular people, the ones who wish to be popular that focus at a greater level. This statement could be supported with: “The grass is always greener somewhere else.”.  This could be considered bad, but yet, a different type of cool people would consider it good.  Popularity is separated and segregated increasingly.

I am, a decently popular person, and the way I have achieved this popular status, was in presenting knowledge in an understandable format, yet extravagant enough to impress.  Only in order to provocate that I am not too basic or generic, and yet I’m not too intelligent to sustain a natural conversation with said individuals.

I didn’t intend for this experience in high school to be merely a joke, but I found myself periodically, if not fequently assessing my situation.  I was amazed at the reaction and the closure of the general reactions, regarding my school.

I find myself experimenting with love and losing myself in the galore of drama.  It fascinated me how I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.  Although, I experienced the debate with homosexuals particularly offensive to the general republic.  It indeed did threaten my popularity, and jeopardized the conclusion.

My efforts to study and explain popularity were rewarded with, not much, but some intelligence on the matter.  I have concluded my theory, although, not really noteworthy, it still pushes me into the abyss of dilemma I wish to escape.  I have attached to some people, in a huge way, and some could say that this, voided the experiment.  I say, the knowledge of the experiment voided itself.  All in reason that my results and actions, are not from true variables.  Therefore, the results of the experiment are rendered useless.

Popularity works in 2 ways: The ones who know how to be cool, and know how to act around people.  What’s cool, what’s not, and then those who do not know.

Although, these groups can be branched off, and in some cases, when the other branches surmount the stereotypical branch, they may be considered the cool people.  But usually, the people who connect with their teachers, are considered cool.

The experiment, was enabled by someone from the other branches, me.  I have pretended to know how to be cool. I’ve used old music, and a dim attitude to stay cool with everyone.  Along with very brief meetings with people.  Only in order for a good word grom them.

The unpopular people are usually the ones who can experiment on the object of popularity. Aka, the smart people. Or, the ones who spend their days searching for synonyms on their weekends. (Me). :[

Digressing, I have considered that the only way to retrieve true results, is to combine an unpopular person with, a popular.  Impossible.  The unpopular person possesses qualities that if the popular person possessed, would void the experiment.  It does, indeed seem that the secret of popularity will never be found.  Unless, we figure a way to read minds, or reveal a third party who can see deeper into the person, simply just by actions.  A being who can record observations such as the experimenter, perhaps better, and know the actual results, without having no variabilistic interference in the experiment.

Seemingly, I’m a crazy dude, wondering if there is so much as an alien race. How preposterous! It is, for now, the only way out of this dilemma.

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