Is abortion morally wrong?

I know if you’re reading this, you’re either a girl that has recently conceived, and found out that she is pregnant or considerably, a guy that has recently conceived with her, whether or not you have found out if she is pregnant, you are worried for each others future.  Or perhaps, just curious.

“Will this stop me from going to college?”

“How will we survive?

“How will I take care of the child?”

“What will we name it?”

A lot of thoughts are racing through your mind.  You’re happy that you may have a little, you.  But it’s worrying, to think about a whole life planned ahead of you, it’s a big decision to raise a child.    It’s a big change, to grow up in this format.  I suggest, if you’re not pregnant, or not conceiving any babies, fhat you wait till after college, or until you’ve planted a good, solid future for you and your child. In order to raise your child in the best, and most effective manner, understandably.

Although, things don’t always work out as planned, and things happen in love.  It’s understandable, but having an abortion can really affect your morality.  It can depress you into thinking you’re just a being with no pride, thinking little of your worth.  If you’ve already had an abortion, then don’t disembody yourself, everyone deserves a second chance.  But, rethinking this decision may save yourself from years of shame to come.

Abortion ties into many different things, including politics and even religion.  Regardless if you’re a religious person, or if you’re affiliated with politics, abortion still may affect you.  It is a huge decision to make, and you need to be completely certain when you’re making it.

As myself, I do not believe in abortion.  I think it is completely immoral, and murder.  It’s like, the lottery….Let’s, get, personal.

You, as the person you are, male or female, have just, entered into the casino, or any place that of which you would gamble, and you enter your numbers, play your game.  Noticing all the other candidates around you, walking away, losers.

million dollars!  First try!  All the other people that could have won, didn’t choose this machine, didn’t choose this card, they weren’t smart enough, fast, or strong enough to win.  You’re on your high horse, of victory.  Shouting in your triumph, only to be short-come.  The owner, just kicks you out, no money, no reward not even a refund.  All in reason, because it’s too, stressful, and he’s not ready to give away his money.

Now, this analogy, is pretty childish, but it sums up my thoughts very validly.  So, I will explain.

The money, is life, and you, are the sperm, and everyone else around you, trying to win this, life, are the rest of the sperm, they lose, you were the best of the bunch. Understandably, you were happy at your victory.  So as much, your owner, the one who is going to give you this ‘money’, decides not to. All in reason, because a child is too stressful, and the parents aren’t ready to take on such a challenge.  You could also say that the owners seek for profit would be the fun of sex, irresistible.  If you’re going to open a casino, then you have to be willing to pay up when someone wins.  If you’re going to have sex, the raise a child when you have one.

Once again, pretty childish and amateur, but it gets the point across.  The moral of the story, is: That the potentiality of life, is enough to classify life.

One could say, “Then wouldn’t masturbation be immoral also?”  I would say yes, to an extent, what if you were to have sex that night?  That means, that the sperm you just got rid of could have had a chance to have life, therefore a potentiality.  My theory is easily overrun, and diminished.  But all in acceptance, a single sperm cell cannot produce anything without an egg cell.  You reproduce sperm cells on your own, and the same with the egg cell of the woman. (not as quick)  But together, cannot be made by one being, I take that as a potentiality to life, since, everyday we live, multiple cells die all throughout our bodies, are we yet all murderers?

I hope you make the right decision, although, personally, Abortion will never be an answer for me.  Just remember, what you have, is a living being, no matter if it isn’t fully grown, it still can be.

2 thoughts on “Is abortion morally wrong?

  1. Hi! I came across your blog and I definitely agree! I think that people who find out they are pregnant than they should continue through the pregnancy and give the child up for adoption. There are so many people that wish they can at least conceive! I being one of them. But all is well because I know that I will be blessed one day. Miracles do happen.
    But thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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